How will they
remember you?

We all have a story to tell and a legacy to leave for future generations.
Launching on iOS and Android in summer of 2023
Person recording a video to answer the question "what is your earliest memory?"
How will CAPSOUL work?

Follow a guided journey to uncover your wisdom, save your memories, and share with your loved ones


Personalized Prompts

When you join Capsoul, you’re starting a journey. Add your most important people to your Tribe in the app, and set off your expedition question by question.


Capture via video, audio, or text

Capsoul guides you to answer questions that will build your own legacy. You choose how you want to capture your content each step of the way.


Share now or in the future

Your content is guaranteed safe for the next 100 years. Share it now, or lock it away for a specific person in your Tribe at a specific time in the future.

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Hear it from our past customers

“Capsoul helped me deploy with confidence knowing I could tell my wife I love her one more time and my baby why I am serving.”
Officer, United States Army
“Capsoul captured my father before we lost him to dementia. Priceless.”
Durham, NC
“Capsoul helped us collect stories about our son for his 3 little girls after he was killed by a drunk driver.”
Durham, NC
“Capsoul caused me to sit down and actually do it after my heart attack. I now have a message for my family no matter what.”
Wilmington, NC
Latest Update

Welcoming Our Summer Interns

Mentorship is a big part of our company culture. We would like to welcome our latest interns to the Capsoul family for the summer, Ben & Tim Peterson! Tim will be working on our financial strategy and Ben will be supporting our app development.

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Why Capsoul?

Wisdom is lost with every family loss

As time goes on, our families grow and change. We add new members, and lose some members. With each passing year, the days go faster and slip away before we notice. Among our family and dear friends, there is so much wisdom that can change and guide the future generations — if only we can capture and share it.

Capsoul Social media Physical journals Keepsake books
Guided process Yes No Some Yes
Private by default Yes No No No
Supports video Yes Yes No Yes
Long-term storage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scheduled sharing Yes No No No

“One of the most beautiful apps I’ve ever heard of.”

Paul Allen, founder of

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