When will the app be available? 
We have already built the bones of the app, but will need our BETA members to help us flesh it out and ensure it is as easy and intuitive to use as possible. To learn about the BETA launch first join our waitlist. There are only 5,000 seats left! The official public app launch is not set yet.
How does it work? 
Once you sign in you will be guided to our JOURNEY page where you will be oriented on how we will prompt you to capture your wisdom on video, audio, written, or photo depending on the focus. You will have different trails to complete on the JOURNEY. Each will help you tell your story, capture your wisdom, and create meaningful messages. You will be guided to share that content in real time or at a future date to help you build relationships that will appreciate your legacy and receive those messages at the right time. Each of your wisdom assets will be protected in the Legacy Capsule which guarantees your content will be viewable and viable in 100 years. Learn more about how we do this by reading the FAQ question "How can you promise 100 years?"


Capture Wisdom
PROMPT: What was the most important lesson you learned at 13?      
STEP 1) Capture it on video.      
STEP 2) Do you know someone who could benefit from this lesson?      
STEP 3) Decide to tag it to your grandson for when he turns 13.

Tell Your Story
PROMPT: Describe your childhood bedroom using all 5 senses.    
STEP 1) Capture it on video    
STEP 2) Add it to your story timeline    
STEP 3) Your inner circle gets notified that there is an update to your story

Build Special Messages
PROMPT: Is love a feeling, a choice, or both?    
STEP 1) Capture on video    
STEP 2) Would you like to add this to your wedding message for your daughter?    
STEP 3) Tagged for your daughter on her wedding day.

Want to learn more? Just ask us at service@mycapsoul.app
How can you promise 100 years?
There are three different strategic solutions here. One, the data is stored on best-in-class servers for long term storage. Two, the encrypted data is duplicated across multiple physical locations so there are multiple copies. Three, we have partnered with a 3rd-party archive that has an endowed business model to sustain the maintenance of the archive library even if this business ceases to exist. We would eventually create this for ourselves should the business grow to support the need.

Have more questions? Please let us know at service@mycapsoul.app
Who is it for? 
It is for anyone who wants to leave a legacy. Family is curious. For some it is blood, for others is a forged relationship. Regardless, we all need a community: the people who share the journey with us, help us avoid mistakes, and are there for us no matter what. Capture your wisdom and build an Inner Circle of people who you share your content with, as well as sharing encouragement, love and support. The more you engage and support your inner circle with the wisdom the wider you can grow your circle. You can share your content publicly or keep it private for special people in your life.

Still have questions? Let us know at service@mycapsoul.app
Can you digitize physical memories? (ex. photos)
Yes, and you don't have to mail anything! Do you have physical items that carry great emotional value (ex. photos, medals, furniture, jewelry, etc.)? The Capsoul app guides you in taking a photo of it and recording a video to tell the story behind it. This way you keep your special items, but never lose the story!
How much will a membership cost?
We are working hard behind the scenes to develop the app in a way that lowers our operating expenses and allows us to offer 3 different membership levels. The recording and storage limits are the main differences between each tier.

Have more questions? Please ask us at service@mycapsoul.app