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Established 2020

Wisdom | Connection | Meaning

Where did the idea come from?

Time is funny. It can be both fast and slow. It is our most precious asset because we can never stop spending it and none of us knows how much of it we have. So how do we spend it wisely?

Family is curious. For some it is blood, for others is a forged relationship. Regardless, we all need a community–the people who share the journey with us, help us avoid mistakes, and are there for us no matter what.

After my grandparents passed I found myself wishing that I had asked more questions about their experiences and lessons learned, but realized that even if I had asked the questions, I wouldn't have understood the answers at the time because of my youth and their maturity.


This is where the Capsoul story begins.
How could we solve this problem of a lifetime of acquired wisdom and passing it to more than one generation?

In January of 2015, we started researching. What has already been done to solve this problem? Our first thought was home videos. Those capture memories not specific wisdom … but they could. Our next thought was social media. That is about sharing public information for the world to see, not intimate wisdom for specific people … but it could be.

We came across biographers, historians, curators, and videographers who would do amazing projects to capture a story. We also found writing based projects and seminars where you would could follow a set a questions and compose your own message. After seeing all these, we believed that these projects left one important element out of the equation....relationships. Telling your story in seclusion, never to be shared until you are gone does not create the legacy that sharing your story as you go does. And not one of them made it easy to deliver your message in the future.

We imagined a way for grandparents —even great-grandparents— to leave a message for their future family members. Or even what it might mean for a teenager trying to find their place in this world. What if they got a message saying, "You are loved, You are not alone, and you are not here by accident." Letting them know all that it took for them to exist and offering a few pieces of wisdom to survive and thrive.

Early days of Capsoul

We started by serving friends who were in the military and preparing for deployments. We knew that they were ready to make the ultimate sacrifice and that they had written letters to their families for this very reason. After sharing our vision, we asked them to let us help them communicate that letter on video and the responses were incredible. They told us that it was meaningful and that we had to do it with others.


We then began to capture video for families and the demand continued to grow. We built an index of thousands of questions to prompt people to recall and share their deepest sources of wisdom, while also sharing their stories and creating family legacies. We realized that the ability to survive and thrive in this world is not about having significant financial resources, but to have significant wisdom assets. If you have the wisdom to manage financial resources then they can be a tool to help you survive and thrive, but many find fulfillment with other tools everyday. Long after the money you leave is spent and gone, your wisdom and love can remain. Just like time is funny, so are love and wisdom. No matter how much you give of these, there is always more.

We became obsessed with making this possible for thousands of people. Capsoul is obsessed with making easy solutions to identify, capture, and deliver your wisdom assets.


The Founder

Lance Clevinger


CEO | Co-founder (Cary, NC) 
Eagle Scout

Lance has always had a passion for people, communication, and strategy. In 2011 he graduated with from Wheaton College (IL) with a B.A. - Communication and went on to develop a career as a problem solver in the commercial construction and healthcare industries.

He and is wife (Karyn) were married on June 12, 2021. She is his biggest encourager and best friend. This venture would not be possible without her support and partnership. They have twin girls on the way and have already begun capturing wisdom for their lives to teach them to pursue their dreams with courage.

When Lance is not pursuing his passions at  Capsoul, you can find him going on adventures with Karyn. They love camping in the Carolina mountains, escaping to the Carolina shores, or training for a half-marathon together.

A Family Affair: Karyn is Lance's better half, partner, biggest encourager and supporter. Lance is the middle of three brothers. His older brother, Chazz, runs his own company in Washington, DC and helps Lance blaze his own path with Capsoul on the Board of Advisors. His younger brother, Trace, is his also on the Board of Advisors and has served as a key operations and execution thought leader. His Dad serves on the Board of Advisors to provide perspective as a Capsoul user and wisdom as an experience business leader. His Mom is the one who gave him the idea for this service in the first place and she serves as a thought provoking force and encourager on the uncertain road of innovation.

Lance Clevinger profile image

The Team

Ashley Bright


Marketing Director (Nashville, TN) 

Ashley is a lifelong reader and writer, who found a way for the love of storytelling to fulfill her professional endeavors through public relations and marketing. Raised in several cities and states as a frequent relocation kid, Ashley enjoys new experiences and adapting to new cultures. After graduating from Wheaton College (IL) in 2010, Ashley moved to Nashville to be near family and begin a career.

As it turns out, life is much more of a choose-your-own-adventure novel than it is a well-crafted script — and that makes all the difference. Initially stalled by the hiring freezes of the Great Recession, Ashley began a humble copywriting business in 2010. Although that business was replaced by opportunities to serve as an in-house communication coordinator, a public relations firm staffer, and eventually a VP of public affairs, the love for forging a new path never died.

Ashley has retooled her business three times over, with a strong focus on serving start-ups and local small businesses in their communications and marketing needs. When the opportunity arose to work with the Capsoul app, Ashley jumped to page 237 to join the legacy.

Family is central to Ashley’s life, and creating an intentional space to foster experiences and memories drives every decision —personally and professionally— for her and her husband.

Ashley lives south of Nashville with her husband, Avery, and their sons, Owen and Oliver. As a mom of two young boys, Ashley spends a lot of time analyzing the finer aspects of fire trucks and super cars, riding bikes, building Legos, and listening to detailed stories of boyhood escapades.

Ashley Bright and her husband
Nate and his wife

Nate Susman


Graphic Design (Malaysia)

Nate is Marketing Director and Product Designer at Capsoul. Strategies need implementation and he finds creative ways to make them happen smoothly and on time. You'll find him asking a Lance a lot of "what if" questions and turning those into practical systems and plans for the team. His projects include everything from content planning, reporting, brand design, product prototyping and beyond.

He comes to the team from N-able (NYSE:NABL) where he oversaw campaign art direction and design ops. Prior to that, he worked for a web agency with clients that included T. Harv Eker and Darren Hardy.

He gets great joy out of spending time with his wife and two daughters ages 1 and 3. Secretly he hopes to be a deep space astronaut someday, but isn't convinced he wants to be away from his family that long. His favorite way to unwind is playing funky bass and traveling around SE Asia on street food tours. He lives with his family in Malaysia.

Yu-kai Chou


Experience Design Director
FOUNDING PARTNER | The Octalysis Group
(Taichung City, Taiwan)

Yu-kai Chou is an Author and International Keynote Speaker on Gamification and Behavioral Design. He is the Original Creator of the Octalysis Framework, and the author of Actionable Gamification: Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards. He is currently Founder Partner/Chief Creation Officer of The Octalysis Group, and Chief OP Mentor of Octalysis Prime, a Gamified Mentorship Platform. Yu-kai has been a regular speaker/lecturer on gamification and motivation worldwide, including at organizations like Google, Stanford/Yale/Oxford, LEGO, Tesla, IDEO, BCG, Turkish Airline, the governments of UK, Singapore, South Korea, Kingdom of Bahrain, and many more. His work has empowered over 1 Billion users’ experiences across the world.

Formerly, he was the Head of Creative Labs & Digital Commerce for HTC, working on pioneering VR technologies. He was also Chief Experience Officer for Decentral, working on blockchain experiences with the Cofounder of Ethereum, Anthony Di Iorio. Yu-kai was one of the earliest pioneers in Gamification, starting his work in the industry in 2003. In 2015, Yu-kai was rated #1 among the “Gamification Gurus Power 100” by RISE, and was also awarded the “Gamification Guru of the Year” Award in 2014, 2015 and 2017 by the World Gamification Congress and the Gamification Europe Conference. He has helped a variety of companies, from seed stage startups to Fortune 500 companies such as LEGO, Uber, Volkswagen/Porsche, Sberbank, eBay, Fidelity Investments, AIG Japan, Verizon, and more. His work has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, The World Journal, PBS, NBC, and many more.

Yu-kai Chou speaking

Erik Burckart


App Development Director
(Raleigh, NC) 

How do you help a company overcome the challenges presented in the new digital landscape which they must embrace? Using a career in technology across many industries, Erik is able to quickly facilitate discussions and collaboratively invent new solutions that can fundamentally change interactions with customers, partners, and employees while aligning with or reinventing different business models.

Erik is an experienced entrepreneur, executive, technologist and business strategist. He has delivered valuable technology solutions across insurance, retail, logistics, healthcare, telecommunications and pharmaceuticals. Erik has over 100 issued patents and won Triangle Business Journal's CIO of the Year for Innovation & Transformation.

Erik's experience in consulting with companies such as The Coca-Cola Company, Allstate, American Airlines, AT&T and American Express while also working with smaller privately held businesses and startups has given him a unique perspective on how to build technology strategies, teams and talent.

The Board of Advisors

Harrison Brooks portrait

Harrison Brooks


PARTNER | Regan Consulting (Atlanta, GA)
Eagle Scout

A native of Wilmington, North Carolina, Harrison now lives in Atlanta with his wife, Caroline, and sons, Philip and Graham. He is a partner at Reagan Consulting, a firm specializing in mergers & acquisitions, agency valuation, and strategic consulting projects for the insurance distribution industry.

Before becoming a member of the Reagan team, Harrison graduated from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Business Administration degree from the Kenan-Flagler Business School and began his career in investment banking with Edgeview Partners (now Piper Jaffray). He then moved to the private equity firm, Carousel Capital where he acquired business and consumer services companies.

He is passionate about family and is proud of the work that Capsoul is doing to help others steward their messages to future generations.

H. Douglas Clevinger


CHIEF EXECUTIVE | Cape Fear Council - Boy Scouts of America RETIRED (Wilmington, NC)

Doug Clevinger was born and raised in the eastern Kentucky mountain town of Pikeville. He attended the University of Tennessee where he graduated in 1977 with a degree in Journalism & Public Relations. Upon graduating from college, he began his professional career working as a District Executive for the Middle Tennessee Council of the Boy Scouts of America in Nashville. He spent the next 8 years serving that council in management positions as Field Director and Finance Director.

In 1985 he was promoted to the position of Director of Field Service in the Old Kentucky Home Council in Louisville, Kentucky where he served for 4 years and led a capital funds campaign to build a new camp facility. That campaign successfully raised $6.8 million. He then accepted the opportunity to lead the Cape Fear Council in Wilmington, North Carolina as the Scout Executive/CEO. He served in this position for the next 26 years and led two additional capital funds campaigns that raised more than $12 million for building a new Scout camp and renovating the council’s Service Center. He retired in 2015 after a 38-year career in professional Scouting.

Doug and his wife Sabrina live in Wilmington and have three grown sons and two precious grandchildren. Doug has been actively involved as an elder at Cornerstone Baptist Church and also serves on the Board of Directors for the Friends of the Naivasha Children’s Shelter, which is a shelter for street boys in Kenya. He is an avid reader, enjoys studying Civil War history and is an avid Green Bay Packers football fan. In 2015, he was honored by the Governor of North Carolina with the Order of the Long Leaf Pine Award for service to his state and local community.

H. Douglas Clevinger portrait
Karyn Clevinger profile image

Karyn C. Clevinger


PARTNER | Co-Founder (Cary, NC)

Karyn plays a few pivotal roles in supporting the mission and success of Capsoul. First, as Lance's better half (wife), she is a wise sounding board and filter for his visions and ideas. Second, she has sacrificed and financially supported the mission of Capsoul with Lance from the very beginning; it would not exist without her partnership. And finally, her experience in losing her father early in life, allows her to speak meaningfully into the mission of Capsoul to shape the solutions we provide to better serve families. In many ways, Karyn's father, Donald Bragman Jr., serves as an important inspiration and reminder for our mission. If you are curious about him, check out our Wedding Speech video and you'll see him!

She loves running half marathons and has knocked 12 states off her goal of running one in all 50 states.

Bill Peterson


FOUNDER, CEO | Principal - mpact3 (Wake Forest, NC)
Certified EOS Implementer™

My passion is to help entrepreneurial owners and leadership teams build and operate exceptional businesses, create organizational excellence and deliver meaningful results for a greater purpose. Since my competitive days in sports, and throughout my career I have held a firm belief in the power of vision, execution and teamwork. As an experienced entrepreneur, advisor and coach with over 25 years strategic growth, turnaround and leadership development in several industries, my background includes a successful track record of delivering business value, driving results and building healthy teams. I have held leadership roles for early stage to established businesses with $100M+ in revenue, including being an investor and operating partner in several companies.

Bill Peterson portrait
Chazz Clevinger Profile

Chazz Clevinger


FOUNDER | CEO of CiviClick (Washington, DC)

Biography coming soon...Welcome to the team Chazz!

Trace Clevinger


COO | Co-founder (Durham, NC)
Eagle Scout

Trace was born and raised in Wilmington, North Carolina with his two brothers, Lance and Chazz. He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he met his future wife, Liz. Trace and Liz were married in 2013 and now live in Durham, NC with their two children.

Trace and his family enjoy spending time together in the outdoors doing activities such as running, biking, camping, and hiking. Trace also enjoys spending time with individuals from other cultures and learning from them about their backgrounds and traditions and ultimately seeing how God has weaved His story into the story of every culture and people.

Through Capsoul, Trace desires for individuals to be able to share their stories and wisdom in order to give family, friends, and generations to come valuable perspective to live out their purpose and hope for navigating the challenges of the world.

Trace Clevinger in the mountains with his wife

Mission & Vision

What is our purpose?



Design solutions that drive intimate meaningful relationships founded on wisdom and truth that enable edified life.


To glorify God by being a faithful stewards of all that is entrusted to us in order to have a positive influence on all who come in contact with us.


What matters to us?



Pro-Actively find ways to cause service that exceeds expectation to occur


Do what we say we are  going to do


Humbly thinking and acting in ways to support the success of others


Purposeful proactive action to cause an intended outcome


Creative thoughts founded in clear understanding of a problem that yield a meaningful solution

The Capsoul app makes it easy and fun to turn your memories into relationships and relationships into a legacy.

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